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Our main priority is customer satisfaction, we have provided Indian homes with lovable varieties of parrots for decades and we know about the birds very well

About Olive Parrot Farm

Olive Parrot Farm ” is a business that specializes on quality and healthy parrots for sale within and out of India. We have proudly provided Indian homes and overseas with cute and healthy parrot for years. As you browse through our website, you will be able to find and even buy different parrots, Our parrots are extremely healthy with proper body structure. You can buy parrots with a balanced temperament and sound mind. We are deeply committed to offering perfect parrot at highly affordable prices. Since we are a family operated owned breeder, we focus on every aspect to deliver the best customer experience. All our parrots are raised and nurtured in an enjoyable family environment and they get immense exposure for socialization. We make sure that our parrots are actively involved with our daily routines and they are being taken care of in a daily manner along with offering opportunities for individual as well as group play.

Starter care package

Congo African Grey

We have been breeding different parrots types for decades and we have provided the Indian homes with lovable and healthy parrots as well as overseas, when you take one of our birds you become part of our family.

Name: Sky
Sex: Female
Age: 5 months old
Health: Guarantee
Shipping: Available
Price: Rs 60000
Status: Available

​Personality: Sky can say more than 100 words on her own, she loves turning on the tap in the kitchen sink and bath herself, she is genetically tested by our professional vet and her sex is confirmed, she gets along with other home pets and can repeat all the words you say, she will come with all her papers and vet record from our professional vet, don’t waste any time take her home today.

Name: Philip
Sex: Male
Age: 5 months old
Specie: Red-tail Black Cockatoo
Health: Guarantee
Shipping: Available
Price: Rs 50000
Status: Available

Personality: Philip is so mellow, he is very calm and intelligent, he doesn’t waste food, he eats when ever necessary, he is genetically tested and proven he is a male, he is also very good at mimicking other sounds around him, he can say more than 200, vocabulary on his own, and he gets along with other home pets and breeds, he will come with complete papers and vert record to prove his health, take him home now and thank Maxim African grey later.

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