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When you take one of our birds you become part of our family.


Posted on : January 15, 2021

Olive Parrot Farm! Thank you so much for my lovely birds you provided to us, Sibu is so amazing and full of fun, she is energetic and so much beautiful! We call her Sibu. She is only the second day with us and already became a family favorite! She loves running around the sitting room with our dog the playful Corgi. Tunner is quite jealous of her, but I think they will become best of friends in a few days, I will send you more photos and videos in the evening With love.
Ramesh, Bangalore.


Posted on : January 05, 2021

Thank you for the wonderful new addition to my family Olive Parrot Farm. Puli is a delight and has stolen my heart and the heart of everyone she meets. she is a clown and keeps me laughing with her antics. She is also very sweet and has become a regular at our local Seniors home where she brings laughter and smiles every time she visits. She was a very well adjusted and well socialized parrot – thanks so much for her great start to life. I would not hesitate to recommend a parrot from you Olive Parrot Farm”

Santosh, Hyderabad


Posted on : December 13, 2020

Hey there!!! my family have had a lot of Pets but never had a parrot or any bird before, and we have been searching for months for a reliable site where we could adopt one. You guys were very helpful from day one , till when we got our molucan , he came in healthy and lovely, well trained and playful. Even after our first trip to the vet, he was confirmed healthy and up to date on all you promised. You guys are really doing a good Job, thanks for everything. God Bless you Olive Parrot Farm for the wonderful addition to our family.

Divya, Coorg


Posted on : December 24, 2020

Hi Olive Parrot Farm, i want to use this opportunity to say thank you for the additional member to our family, at first i was wondering how a bird can be shipped without being hurt, as i have never done this before, but your words of encouragement and directives made me gained confidence, also she was brought at our home address as you promised that she will be there within 24 hours or less, many people are wondering where i got such an amazing talker and i don’t hesitate to tell them its from Olive Parrot Farm site.

Prateek Kolkata

Posted on : September 20, 2019

Omega has become our little angel. I have always wanted an African Grey bird and thanks to you, I finally got the perfect baby, he is doing very well and is becoming stronger everyday, thanks a million for everything, he is a good talker and he mimics what ever i say, he is best friend with my little girl as they always spend time together, i will definitely recommend you more customers for your good work.

Laxmi, Delhi

Our Food Policy

We provide food sample and starter care package to all our clients, the food sample will enable you know what to feed the birds with while the starter care package will let you know how to care for a parrot, if it is your first time.

Our Core Values

We value all our clients, their privacy and we are ready to provide them with any information they need even if they are not buying from us, our main priority is customer satisfaction, so we are here to provide you with answers to your questions and to provide you the best service